Thursday, June 28, 2007

I recently wrote that I could tell you a story a day for a year, based solely on my encounters from the few weeks since this project was officially "launched." So, why don't I?

Ok, I will.

Let's touch back on that Beanie-counting contest then, shall we?

The thing that surprised us most was how many people had no interest in playing. Hey! Free $100, who couldn't use that?! Gobs of people, that's who. No matter, we sure had fun with those that played along.

It was fun to watch the scientific guessing "systems."

Some, adults and children alike, stood for several minutes, counting, and multiplying the area x the square root of pi.

Many accused us of stacking the pile with pillows or boxes, thus throwing off their guess. Nope. Solid beanies.

Some guessed their birthday.

Guesses ran the gamut from 84 to ...

...355 billion.

The contest contributed to a lot of fun at the festival, enabled us to shake a lot of hands, hand out a few business cards, and promote our cause. I've heard from several that day, that stopped by the table (and am still trying to catch up on the e-mail!)